Need advice on what workouts to do !

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Nov 6, 2014 7:23pm
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Hey all! So im new to skimble and loving this app! I was able to work out at home and sweat like a beast! Since sunday I have lost 3 lbs body fat and Im going to keep it going! (I am also using an app called Noom which tracks what youve consumed for the day, its pretty good too =]). I am alternating doing weights, these workouts that are bodyweight focused and cardio at the gym (stair master) to get to my ideal weight! Is this a good routine? Does anyone have any recommendations as to a proper workout schedule that will effectively make me lose weight?

06 Nov
Do HIIT cardio workouts, eat healthy (junk food is ok once in a while just not everyday) and keep your mind set on your goal
06 Nov
Thanks for uour input!
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Nov 6, 2014 10:04pm
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Depends on what you really want :) and also try not to consume junk food its not good for your body and it has more body fat than healthy food u wanna reduce your body fat so you can get that nice toned beach body :)

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Nov 9, 2014 4:28am
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You have to remember to also give your body rest!
i can help you with a nice program that suits yout goal petfectly.

Pm me

11 Nov
Can you help me with a program that suits my goals? Thanks!