Can't seem to lose the last bit of lower belly fat!

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Nov 10, 2014 12:57pm
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Hi, I've been working out for all most a year now. I lost 55 pounds so far. I'm 6 feet 5 inch tall and now I weigh 158.7 pounds (I was 213.8 at the beginning of this year).

My problem is that it's becoming extremely hard to lose the remaining lower belly fat now. I look very slim now except for the last bit of my lower belly fat. I have a 4 pack that is showing up right now. However, I still have let's say 0.4 inch thick of fat above my lower middle belly muscle. I'm on a 1200 calorie per day diet (tuna, vegetables, fruits, whey, white meat... etc) which I know is probably a little bit extreme. I cut down HIIT training to a minimum to prevent injury (It was stressing my body especially with that caloric deficit). I now mostly do weight training, strength training and circuit + some Pilate's, core, yoga... etc. Has anyone been in this state before.

How did you drop you body fat % and lose that last lower belly fat? You should now that I'm constantly losing weight (8 pounds per month), but when I measure my lower body using a tape, it doesn't seem to move much lately. I'm afraid that I could be losing muscle mass.

Thank you! I really appreciate your advice.

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Nov 10, 2014 4:34pm
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Its really great effort u have much old r u?i am 165 pounds and height is 5feet and 4 inches.age is 29.i want to lose post baby weight.i amdoing diet for almost 45 days and doing walk as well.but no difference in weight though my appearance changed a bit smarter..what do u think whats its reason?@

10 Nov
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Nov 10, 2014 5:32pm
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Hi there,

Baby fat, lower belly fat and muffin tops are the difficults part to remove, dont panic, although  there are ways to achieve this. Offcourse the right diet is needed and some workouts but dont do any extreme diet or things like that. Some easy steps:

- old trick; wrap plastic foil around your waist for two hhours and sweat it away.

- drink two liters of water a day
- zero calories food helps also
- put your pants ABOVE your waist

Some exercises to do:
- side bends
- twists / russian twists
- side plaank role in
- heel touches crunch
- basketball shots
- oblique crunches
- side to side crunches
- abs chopper
- floor whiper
- flap flops
- lunges twits
- high knee to elbow
- mountain climber
- Reverse crunches
- v side sit ups

I think those are good to start with...
also check this out...
Tummy Belly

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Nov 10, 2014 5:34pm
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Btw dont focus on the results  but on the progress and the process will bring you to tour results

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Nov 11, 2014 7:42pm
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I'm 28 years old. If you're not losing weight then you're not on a caloric deficit. You must eat less calories than what your body needs every day (maintenance). There are many online calculators out there that can tell you how many calories your body needs peer day depending on your age, weight, height... etc.

I would recommend starting with a caloric deficit of 300 per day. This means that if your body needs let's say 2000, you should eat only 1700 calories per day. This is guaranteed to lose you weight. You should keep in mind that 3500 calories equals roughly 1 pound of weight. So if you eat 300 calories less than what your body needs to maintain its weight, you'll lose a pound every 11-12 days.

I don't recommend that you go for a larger deficit especially at the beginning. Less than 500 calorie deficit would be fine though.

Also I would recommend doing HIIT, cardio, circuit and strength training if you want to get results faster.

Good luck!

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Nov 11, 2014 7:48pm
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Thanks for the advice Johnny, I really appreciate it. I just downloaded your workout. Can't wait to do it. One quick question. Do you think my 1000 calorie deficit is the one hurting my results?

11 Nov
It depends, how about your fat consumption? how much do you eat? do you exercise regularly? try cross fit and cardio workouts. Keep this in mind thought, tge first 15 min burned sugar and fat. At 30 you burned fat.
11 Nov
15 burned sugar and carbs