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Dec 4, 2014 8:28am
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Lose It!
Hello guys if you have been trying your best to loose those extra stubborn pounds and it just seems like its going nowhere kindly don't give up cos you are closer than you think at least you still looking for solutions means you still holding on...I have some few tips to help you it has helped me and I think it will help you if you take it seriously
1.first your diet - you can't eat 500 pounds and workout 500 pounds you will still remain the same always make sure you calorie intake is lower than the amount you burn at the gym then u will see changes, eat in bits,more fruits,more water absolutely no soda stay away from sugar as much as possible ,eat vegetables, you get what I mean...
2.get enough rest no stress be relaxed with a free or light mind
3.always excercise squeeze that little time to go to the gym never be lazy look for a picture to inspire you so dat every time you look at it you get more drive
4.try exercises like jogging like backwards with an increased incline it burns faster, try skipping,cycling too aerobics, step box lift weight for certain areas
5.get a workout buddy it helps alot you both push each other's limits I took my time to write this article and i hope it has helped you in a way or the other you can comment if you have any question...Thanks for reading

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Dec 8, 2014 8:03am
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