Postnatal workouts?

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Dec 30, 2014 4:37am
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I am currently 36 weeks pregnant with my first baby. I'm trying to visualize and pre plan how I am going to get my sexy back!
Currently I feel like it's going to be impossible because of the lack of energy I currently posses. I have never been good at motivating myself. Which I see is pretty much everyone's issue. So, instead of asking others for their motivational support, I am declaring that I WILL be back to my pre baby body by March 2015. I will not only push myself but do my best to motivate my family and co workers.
So, what does my pre baby body look like? 5`4 at 150 lbs.
Currently I am 205 lbs (I definitely ate for two :()

After I get back to my pre pregnancy of 150, my end goal is to be 130lbs by next December!

If anyone would like to join me for a long term commitment for building a healthier lifestyle feel free.

We can build a forum for weekly weigh ins, successful workouts, great food days, bad food days :), things that motivate you, and the hard days when motivation is needed.

Who's in?
Please, DECLARE what your goals are and stay true to your word!

30 Dec
First congrats..... and after u have the baby and maybe after a couple of weeks of having the baby eat healthy and exercise get a app to tell u when to exercise when the baby is sleeping or somethin.... its not the best solution but hope it helps a little
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Jan 1, 2015 7:15am
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Congrats first of all and wishing you a safe labour. Two things: first one is Breastfeeding! It does wonders for you and baby, helping your body bounce back much quicker. Second, don't put so much emphasis on timing but set short term goals and be very patient. If you gained a lot of weight it will take awhile to work it off  but with persistence it WILL happen for you. You will need to bring baby along for workouts sometimes, that's just how it is so invest in a comfy baby carrier and good quality jogging stroller(recommend the Bob it's hands down the best!) you will get a lot of motivation from our community here on Skimble!