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Dec 30, 2014 5:23am
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OK Guys I'm Really Serious About This This New year I want to be a new me I want to be skinnier and healthier I want to look good when I put something on I want to be able to wear anything I want get the oh my god she got hot so tired of being overweight that's just downright disappointing I want to lose weight for me and I also want to lose weight to show everyone I can do it so please I need to lose 100 pounds at least starting rate is 287 please please help

30 Dec
Hey! That's a great goal, but it's key to be consistent. If you're really serious about it, you'll have the motivation inside you to pull through. Full body workouts are important, as well as working every part of your body as consistent as possible. I recently created a full body workout that only takes 13 minutes, but it is rather difficult! Hope it helps. Good luck! :) ~Cameron
30 Dec
Be focus on what you want, eat healthy, be positive, search for a motivational group and u gonna see results... Kisses and support from DR
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Jan 1, 2015 5:48pm
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Hi* Remember, you can't out-exercise a bad diet. Exercising is the easy part (kind of), but eating healthy can be a challenge.

Just eat better, not less if you want to lose weight. Stay focused and learn to say "no" to processed foods.

And do anything you can to stay motivated. It's hard at first but once you get the habit of living healthy, nothing will stop you.

Oh, and the dreaded scale... don't ever beat yourself up about the number on the scale. What counts is the change you see in yourself physically and mentally, not a stupid number.

Hope this helps*