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Jan 8, 2015 2:51pm
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I can eat ok during the day but at night I wake up and go for the junk food. Last night I ate two chocolate muffins and a pack of crackers with peanut butter. HOW CAN I STOP THESE NIGHT CRAVING!!!

08 Jan
Drink fatfree milk will help i guess.. And go to sleep . And see a doctor maybe you have diabetes Or stg like that if you can't stop eating in the night.
08 Jan
Do you hydrate yourself during the day, are you eating regularly? A lot of times we confuse hunger/cravings for lack of H2O or lack of food during the day. What I try to do is when i start getting hungry/cravings and I know I am done with my meals, I drink about 12 ounces of water, 75% of the time it stops the craving, if it persists, I have berries or fruits, if its an intense craving I buy the sugar free Jolly Ranchers and pop one in. Has worked so far.
09 Jan
Thanks alot. I will try to drink more water
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Jan 8, 2015 3:11pm
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Tricky one! The only way I stopped eating crap was to have healthy snack foods ready and available. I found it was not knowing what to have that resulted in me reaching for the easy, crappy stuff. Nowadays I have some fruit, almonds, rice cakes and pb available to help me resist. Also.... Don't buy the crap in the first place! That'll work
09 Jan
He hard not to buy them I have kids
10 Jan
I have kids and I dont fill them with junk.. I care to much to do that and explain to them as said.. dont buy it!
13 Jan
That's true. When I go shopping I have to change there list too