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Jan 15, 2015 7:00am
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I'm trying to eat less but i get really hungry, has anyone got any tips to stop feeling hungry?

15 Jan
You should not eat less you should eat healthy food Healthy food is good for you and doesn't have too much calories and good for digestive system and give you energy and doesn't make you put on weight
15 Jan
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Jan 15, 2015 10:05am
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Hi Frankie. It depends what you are eating less off. When exercising your body needs fuel, but good fuel. It needs carbs and some fats. It really needs proteins. However, when you change your diet your body takes time to adjust. When you get hungry don't deprive yourself but do find some healthy options. Something high in fibre like fruit and veg help stave off hunger. But don't go overboard on fruits and they have sugar, good sugar but sugar all he same. For the cravings try a small handul of raisins. Steer clear of processed fats - butters/mayo/chips etc. Moderate and balance your diet.  Also, stay hydrated. Being underhydrated makes you feel hungry. Just remember these two things to help motivate you during the tougher moments:
1. Healthy and sustainable weight loss/body shape changes are approx 30% exercise and 70% diet
2. The exercising is easy, it's managing the cravings and eating healthy that is hard.

15 Jan
You should chew ur food 32 times..