Easy to follow meal plans?

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Jan 22, 2015 9:35pm
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Hi guys!

I'm starting to get into a routine with the excersise but i still go and eat heaps of snacks... any easy meal plans that has worked for you?

22 Jan
I'm having the same problem! It is so hard to quit on my favourite food, snacks, chocolate..
22 Jan
Yeah its hard cause it feel like ur earing your hard work lol... im a sugar addict so after something savory i always feel like a sweet haha... i guess gradual change is ok
23 Jan
Snacks are a hard thing to deal with. I've found the best defense against snack binging is planning out my calories for the whole day in advance; keeping only healthy snacks around; and making sure I eat enough fiber and protein (to make me feel full).
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Jan 23, 2015 5:02am
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I measure out (calories counted) a little bag of mixed nuts in the morning and keep it in my pocket. (walnuts, pumpkin seeds, almonds, you can add a couple raisins or dried cranberries if you like but not many) I'm on a high fat low carb diet counting calories with myfitnesspal and lost like 4kg already.

I also pack a container of chopped veggies sprinkled with a little seasoned salt, and a can of salmon almost everyday for lunch.  You can eat buckets of veggies & barely get any calories but eat any "normal" serving of carbs & that's like a third of your days calories... so go sparingly.

If you're in transition phase from heavy snacking, fruit is a good substitute. I've had periods where I needed to stop going to buy convenience store cookies so I would get like a whole mixed fruit medley and tell myself I could eat as much fruit as I wanted just no cookies. Worked well. It's easier (for me at least) to transition to less sugar from a diet of fruit than of cookies.

Other healthy snacks :

A small serving of unsweetened yogurt with blueberries added (blueberries are a low sugar fruit)

A protein shake.

Cottage cheese. (small servings)


Nowadays my snacking is weirder & weirder, like a spoonful of coconut oil or flax oil, or a raw vegan protein powder mixed with water & unsweetened.... not sure if that is a 'tip' for anyone getting started though.

If you stick to eating mostly whole foods & not prepared processed foods like boxed meals, noodles, bread, almost anything 'packaged'... Just stick mostly to real foods in their basic form, Vegs, fruits, nuts, meats, water, healthy fats, it's a really safe &  simple  "meal plan". I eat a lot of salads (generous drizzle of olive oil & sprinkle of seasoned salt) or just chopped veggies.

25 Jan
Ohh thanks thats super helpful :) xx