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Jan 24, 2015 8:19pm
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I need to lose weight. I feel bad about how I look. & I just need to feel better about my self

24 Jan
I'm in the same boat that's why I started working out daily and changing some of my bad habits. You can do it
24 Jan
I am going to try this site..
25 Jan
Hey girl (: i feel the same way!!! I know exactly how you feel! Drink plenty of water and workout at least 3x a week. When i started running and walking that's when i noticed myself loosing a bunch of weight. Just remember that your beautiful no matter what! Don't let anyone tell you any different (:
25 Jan
Thank you for your support..:-):-):-)
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Jan 25, 2015 3:29am
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U know what, u actually look fine. U should be happy about how I look because it's better than a lot of people in this world. Anyways to lose weight u need to focus on two things:
DIET - U have to eat less calories than u burn. U can find out how much calories u need a day to maintain ur current weight and lose weight online. Or if ur up for it u can use an app called my fitness pal to keep record of u calories daily. It tells u how much calories u need a day to lose weight and u just have to follow it. Remove junk food from ur diet, reduce sugar and eat more protein, veggies and fruits etc.

EXERCISE - U have to burn more calories than u eat. Do more cardio, 30 minutes a day is enough. It's better short and intense than long and easy. Look up HIIT running if u want, it really helps. If u don't want to run than u can even do skipping rope at home using HIIT. Try HIIT 30min Rope Skipping. Body weight exercises will also help like HIITFull Body Maniac2b

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