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Feb 1, 2015 1:59pm
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How does it work I'm usually an upbeat person and like getting my ass kicked during workouts but yoga has been making me curious for a while I haven't tried even looking into it because I think its for super girly girls idk?? Do you lose weight with that or is it just a relaxing exercise

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Feb 1, 2015 3:03pm
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I think it depends on what your going for. There are some yoga workouts that are intense or you can use it for relaxation. I've been using some of yoga workouts on this app for warm ups. I also watch some videos on YouTube for flexibility.

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Feb 1, 2015 3:19pm
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Yoga Core *E

Here's a couple you could take a look at. 
01 Feb
Personally I find yoga very challenging coz I'm not flexible