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Feb 1, 2015 2:55pm
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So a lot of you know that going to the military and tearing through boot camp can be challenging running, aerobics, beat downs and eating a quarter of what your used to. I joined boot camp and lost 6 lbs but toned the muscle in losing 7 inches around the waist in just 2 months you do the math that's a lot of muscle gain and fat chopped off. The hardest part of all this weight loss and toning is to maintain that lifestyle. A burger some Chinese food and some french fries will not maintain that sexy physique and even if it did you would have high cholesterol and probably a fatty liver. This brings me to my point! How are you gonna get that boot camp body and keep it or tone it even better. Here's a trick from me and you guys/gals maybe can add. ¬°feel guilty and keep a fat photo! Today I loose this weight because one I have a fatty liver 2 I feel guilty 3 I'm feeling kinda unsexy. With a response what would you say is your reason for loosing weight and toning and how are you going to keep it off. (This will help me to)