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Feb 7, 2015 2:46pm
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I'm trying to lose some weight (20 lbs) and I have started on a diet called the 2468 diet. It's basically where you eat 200 calories the first day, 400 the next, 600 after that, and then 800. I'm trying to complete AT LEAST 3 cycles of this. (12 days)
My only problem is that I keep on binging at night. I will do really well up until dinner, and I am having a lot of trouble. Originally, I lost one pound, but after weighing myself today, I gained it back. I'm so discouraged. I really need advice on how to keep from binging. Please?
07 Feb
Im not an expert but 200 calories a day doesn't sound healthy! Of course you'll lose weight because your starving yourself.. Again im not a professional. Just my advice
07 Feb
Good luck in whatever u choose to do!!
13 Feb
I agree with Jessica, take care of the diets that you do, 200 isn't healty, if you want visit my post called "diet". Good luck!! You can do whatever you wanted!!
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Feb 7, 2015 3:17pm
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You binge eat because you're so freaking hungry and deprived of nutrients spending a whole day eating up to A THOUSAND calories less than your body needs to even function, and this is if you have a sedentary lifestyle and just sit around all day. These kind of diets cause you to go up and down, lose weight, gain it all back and then some, and they are extremely unhealthy. If you want to lose weight permanently you need to find a lifestyle that you can maintain diet wise. The weight-loss will probably be a lot slower, but it will be permanent. Extremely low calorie diets will cause your body to shut down and go into starvation mode, and when you start feeding it again it will cling to every single calorie not to starve again. And once you've put on more weight, it'll be even harder losing it again. That's the harsh truth.

08 Feb
Don't do that u will harm urself talking from experience eat 5-6 small meals a day and exercise regularly drink a lot of water no juice soda etc I don't even drink sparkling water just plain ol h2O jog 4 times a week and do workouts from here
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Feb 7, 2015 5:11pm
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I've read up on this one before and will weigh in with my opinion.. It's an INSANE 'diet' plan which makes no sense whatsoever! 

It's actually not endorsed by anyone, or based on any real scientific theory, it only grew online because of forum posts and discussion groups.

You're eating less over 4 days than is recommended for a person in 1 day. So basically you are starving yourself.

You may lose weight but you'll need the zen-like discipline of a Jedi master not to binge eat. I actually think I've consumed 200 calories by drinking a coffee & creamer this morning!! 

This is from a reputable diet review page.....

The truth is with so many weight loss ideas and products to choose from, the 2468 Dietdoes not appear to be one of the best choices overall. While many men and women do want to shed unnecessary body fat, no one wants to starve in the process. There are more logical approaches to weight loss than the 2468 Diet, which allow you to eat more calories each day, and not starve.

Now please go and eat something!! I'm hungry just thinking about it! 
08 Feb
Go skotty Go!!