Muscle toning & flexibility

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Feb 15, 2015 1:23pm
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I really need my muscles to have shape and be more flexible. Help me get the results I need

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Feb 15, 2015 2:01pm
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I recommend a routine of cardio and strength. Even if you don't have weights, you can use your body weight for strength moves (ie push-ups, lunges, squats). For flexibility, stretch long and good after every workout pushing a little harder each time but not to the point of pain. As we get older, naturally flexibility decreases, but if we keep at it, we can keep it longer. Try for starters three days of cardio and two of strength moves. Many people believe in one or the other. While cardio burns the most CALORIES in a workout, building muscle from strength routines creates a longer FAT burn...those muscles burn fat even when they're idle! And throughout your day,stretch! While I'm at work, I'll get up from my desk and side lunge to stretch inner thighs, touch toes, etc. at home, back bends/bridges....everything stretches best when your body is warmed up, which is why after a workout is the best time to stretch. keep at it and you'll get there!
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Feb 15, 2015 2:09pm
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Flexibility is easy. Stretching for 15 min a day can improve flexibility in no time.