Hi guys, i am new and i need help

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Feb 28, 2015 2:56pm
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So I am a young dude who needs to be skinnier ( im fat) so after a training it said 73 kcal, and ive read on the internet that 9000 calories is 1 kg, so my question is, is kcal and calories the same Thing?

28 Feb
Yes it is - you're shocked that you need to do so much to lose it, right? :-) Basically, with 9000 cals you EARN 1 kg, but you 'only' need to cut down about 7500 cals to LOSE 1 kg. Difference from the body cannot store everything you eat. So you see: it will be a long and tough road! Continue working out, calculate your intake and thus make your balance negative!
28 Feb
Thank you
28 Feb
Hi another question does it matter age? I am only 13 years old and in my age i really need to loose fat. Btw does anyone know a free weight loss kalenderthingy?