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Mar 7, 2015 3:26am
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What do i do if I'm just to lazy to workout because I have school and homework? PLEASE HELP!
07 Mar
Perhaps you could try doing quick 5 -10 minute routines during study breaks. Also a good way to shake out the cob webs when cramming homework and get the blood flowing. I don't know how old you are but I usually have my kiddos run around for a run minutes then do about 15 jumping jacks after about an hour of homework. It's fun and it helps them re focus
07 Mar
For a few* minutes
07 Mar
Just get moving! You have the choice to be lazy or fit. And btw: you will never have that much time as when you were in school. Get up!
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Mar 7, 2015 1:05pm
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Well my kids goto school and do home work...

Evenings they do 2x1hr kickboxing sessions a week (used to do 3x1.5hrs a week in Taekwondo) and the other evenings there in the park riding 10miles or so on bikes as I run behind them.

Then they are on the park or climbing a boulder for a couple of hours...then home for evening meals.

You just have to do it, dont think about it,  just go and do it and then think after... dispite how lazy your feeling just get up and go to a class somewhere... martial arts is cheap and available everywhere and will get you fit and give you the ability to defend yourself which is a bonus in this day and age !