Newbie looking for good workouts to drop weight and get fit!

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Mar 10, 2015 3:18am
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I want to drop 20 lbs by summer and get fit/toned while doing it. Any advice or ideas for good workouts?

10 Mar
Welcome Felicia , check out HASfit on YouTube, and do some intense workouts with my fave trainer Coach Kozak (lmao not advertising I just love HASfit so much).....but there is plenty to do on Skimble, check out the workouts in the full body, abs and core, cardio and weight loss categories. (Try the intense workouts if you can) There's plenty of good stuff here!
10 Mar
No, start with casual workouts and work your way up to intense. This way you minimize the risk of hurting yourself and of burning yourself out in a couple of weeks or even days. Try one of the casual programs like Lose it! Tone it. You can also pick out one that targets a specific body part to do simultaneously. One of the pros with following programs is that you learn how to build up your own workout program. Good luck!
10 Mar
True Anna's right, I'm just too obsessed with intense workouts.
10 Mar
Thank you both. I will try HASFIT though when I'm ready for it. I think I'm gonna go with what Anna said. I'm not in for pain lol.
10 Mar
Lol the pain comes with the package! Dom, I did an intense ab workout the other day and after working out consistently for four months I realize I HAVE to start working my abs. I hurt my lower back real bad. Starting a casual level program now feels weird but what to do.
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Mar 10, 2015 9:39pm
via iOS
I would start off with some stretches and do lots and lots of core training, because you'll get a nice and toned belly and a tight waistline  
10 Mar
Thank you
11 Mar
Note though that you can't spot reduce fat. Working your abs won't slim down your belly. Worst case scenario is that you build abs that are hidden underneath your belly fat and that will actually make your belly appear bigger. With that said I don't mean do not do ab exercises, I mean don't put all of your focus on that area since it won't give the results you want. Belly fat is sadly usually the last fat reserve that our body lets go of.

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