Best program to loose weight?

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Mar 11, 2015 10:13pm
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Hi there!
I'm searching for the perfect programm where you can see results monthly. I'm 1,60cm (don't know the inches) en I'm currently weighing 75kg (don't know the pounds either..) I really want to loose 20kg before summer.. I'm a newbie non-smoker so I'm a little scared I'm going to crave more snacks to stop the habbit of smoking.

12 Mar
For losing weight, diet is the most important. 80% diet, 20% exercise. 20 kg before summer MIGHT be possible depending on when summer starts for you. A healthy weight-loss is 0,5-1 kg a week and you have to remember you won't lose the same amounts each week. While losing weight you also often hit a plateau where your weight is on a standstill for a while. Don't let this discourage you! If you start now and reach your goal in six months instead of three, that will be six months way better spent than doing nothing about. It's not just...
12 Mar
And also: don't focus on your weight. Is it kilograms you want to lose or is it dress sizes? Is the numbers on the scale more important or is you being fit more important? Rather set a size goal, like I want to have a waist measure of X centimeters, or I want to be a dress size X. Then focus on measuring yourself.
12 Mar
Thanks for the comments. They are really helpfull and it got me thinking! I do want to go smaller in my dress sizes. I saw that picture of you with all the women next to each other, different body types en all the same weight. It's a perfect example!