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Mar 24, 2015 8:08am

In the beginning of February I did some changes to my diet (mainly cutting out sugar and increasing my calorie intake) and I saw some major changes in just a few weeks. Now I seem to have plateaued and haven't seen any significant changes for some time. The interesting thing is also that I was ill for almost two weeks in February. During that time I only did some shorter yoga sessions and took a couple of short walks and I did NOT eat well.

The only thing I've really changed is that I'm working out a lot harder now. In February I did 20-30 minutes of sweatbreaking activities in the morning every other day and something like 10-30 minutes of yoga in between. Now I do an hour of HIIT and weight training three times a week, yoga in between and one rest day. I now do my longer workout sessions in the afternoon since my energy doesn't last for a full hour of working out in the morning. I follow programs and don't do the same routine so my body is kept guessing.

I don't get this. Working out harder should reasonably give me better results, but it doesn't. I don't weigh myself so it's not a question of building muscle and losing fat. My measurements have been the same for three weeks now. My goals are losing centimeters and building muscle.

24 Mar
Take a week off, careful cause it's easy to get lazy after. I sometimes take a week or two off completely and I'm stronger and notice changes more rapidly after. Maybe something you might want to try. And there's no risk of injury ;)
24 Mar
A week off sounds horrible! I have an involuntary week off coming up in a couple of months (Sweden Rock Festival! Beer and fast food for six days and no working out!) so I think I'm gonna keep on struggling until then. But I do know from running that some time off actually can give better results, I've experienced it several times. Pah, injuries! Where do you get everything from! :P
24 Mar
Hahaha...I'm never letting that back thing go.
24 Mar
Luckily you learned from the beginning where my sense of humor ends. :D
24 Mar
That is called a deload week Google the benefits and see if it's something for you and focus on your carbs it'll take care of the energy problem as well, egg whites before a workout help too for its protein and amino acids content and a cup of coffee is great aswell. Give my iced green tea recipes a try as a sports drink I don't promise it'll taste good :p
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Mar 24, 2015 9:14am

It's normal to have plateaus. It takes time for your body to acclimatise. It has "to learn" to burn fat, the muscles need time to grow and in the end it's still a question of how many calories you eat.

You need a break frequently, even if it's just one day of rest. If you do too much, your body burns muscles, because it's easier. The same if you don't eat enough protein.

Last but not least, your body is still in "saving-mode". Before it starts burning fat, it takes everything else first.
What do you eat before and after workout?

I suggest you also read Scotty's topic about ectomorph, endomorh and mesomorph bodies:

Stay positive, go on doing your workouts and you will see good results:)


24 Mar
Thanks, Heiko! I have problems with getting in enough protein and I'm working on changing that now. I'm also looking into carb cycling and the first thing I realized was that from many years of eating first GI and then low carb high fat my daily carb intake is actually lower than the low or even no carb days of carb cycling. o.O I now do my workouts between lunch and dinner so I don't really eat anything right before or right after working out. Maybe that's part of the problem? I'm gonna look through Scotty's post again to see...
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Mar 24, 2015 1:20pm
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From what you've told me so far your body has plateaued because of your macros. Because your carbs/fats are high, & your protein isn't high enough, you're boy has enough stores to rely on so it's not burning fast enough. 
The two options you've got is to (1) train even harder and for longer or (2) increase your protein up.
We've talked about carb cycling and it DOES work. Erin & I do it naturally every 3rd day because we are naturally cranky and tired from having low carbs for a couple of days. 

Another thing I do when I feel I'm getting stuck is to drop my calories by 5% for a couple of days before I have a high carb day, then I increase it back up. 

It's all about small manipulations rather than these crazy-assed water fasts & cabbage soup diets 
24 Mar
Today I swapped my meal times a bit to not go so many hours without eating between lunch and dinner, and I've had a lot more protein than usual. Four hours past my last meal I'm still so full I feel nauseous but at the same time I have crazy carb cravings?! What is this even.
24 Mar
The carb cravings won't disappear straight away. You've gotta give yourself some tough love an reprogram your brain
24 Mar
Yeah apparently I had forgotten how painful it can be to change your diet. I'll just look at it as an interesting experiment. :)