I need to get healthy before I get that call home

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Mar 24, 2015 4:33pm
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I am having a lot of health issues so I need to change. I am way pass I will start tomorrow. I have do it now. But how do I start 300 now looking to get to 170 so soon as I can even if that takes a year or two. I am ready now.

24 Mar
The first step is admitting you need the change, so congrats on taking that first step! The next step is to look at your overall diet and start changing that one thing at a time. Cut out sugary drinks and replace them with water and green tea. Trade sweets for veggies and fresh fruit, processed foods for fresh, homemade foods. Start slow on your exercise. Walking is great and so is biking. All the workouts on here are fantastic and most of them don't require anything more then your own body as equipment. The best of luck on your journey...
25 Mar
Thank you and I will be staying in touch