The best workouts for loosing weight and toning

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Mar 29, 2015 3:49am
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I'm trying to find the best workouts for loosing weight and toning up. Any recommendations?

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Mar 29, 2015 4:39am
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The best workout is the one you do. Seriously, there is no reason to believe that any workout is going to be so optimally scientifically designed to burn more calories that it's going to make that much of a difference. Whatever gets you out there and consistently moving is what's best.

That said, the best WAY to lose weight is by developing better eating habits. A completely different relationship with food.

Try these.  Just keep doing stuff that moves your body, that's the trick.

Scientific 7-Minute Workout
Chiseling Cardio Fix 12:00
Get Up Get Up And Get Down 12:00
Drill Sergeant Mom 18:00
The A-Team 20:00

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Mar 30, 2015 11:52pm
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Try jumping rope