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Apr 1, 2015 7:27am
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My weight loss seems to have stalled... Calories ranging from 1600 to 3500 per day. My goal is 2800 kcal per day... With a focus on protein...

Tend to have a reasonable breakfast 2 to 3 snall meals through the day however I usually eat more of an evening

I am pretty active. Try to get at least 2 workouts in a day. Some logged most not. Plus I work as a landscaper so will usually average 7 to 10km a day just moving around on the job site plys carrying a heap of weight bending stretchin pushing wheelbarrows etc etc etc... Morning workouts tend to be abs or core and evenings arms chest shoulders

I am currently 89.7kg with a goal of 85 and between 15 to 18% body fat... Current body fat is 20.3%

Any hints or tips on how to kickstart the metabolism..?

Any help would be appreciated

01 Apr
Change the routine.. Surprise your body
01 Apr
Get rid of carbs and sugars it is hard but you will see huge results
01 Apr
Green Tea. Green Chili. More water. Light meals. Bam!
01 Apr
Cheers all appreciate the input