Starvation mode (why am I not losing weight?)

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Apr 20, 2015 4:12am
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I just read this good article on starvation mode, which ALSO touches on and links to another article about "muscle weighs more"

It basically debunks both as myths/excuses and says that if you're not losing weight, and that's your goal, it's not starvation mode or muscle gains, you're doing something else wrong. And since weight loss is ultimately a very basic science (calories burned > calories consumed) it's most likely a miscalculation in your calories eaten or burned.

If you eat fewer calories than maintenance, you'll lose weight. That's it. You can't even stop that from happening by dying.

20 Apr
Dying!! Lol! We can't stop it..... U r right.....
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Apr 20, 2015 1:33pm
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I used to work for a weight loss company while it doesn't happen often it does happen starvation mode. That is also muscle does weigh more two people can weigh the same thing one is fit and has muscles the other is fat. If your gaing weight despite huge consistent effort try buying a scale with a body fat percentage mode. This will help you determine if you are gaining muscle. It does happen I had a client a woman whom was a thin 160 to look at her she was tall and on the thin and fit side she actually made more muscle then most women because of a condition. However it can happen to anyone. I left the industry by choice

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Apr 20, 2015 9:23pm

Very interesting articles Patrick. Just want to add my 2 cents, cause I'm sure not everyone will read them completely.

In general, I agree with what he's saying. Just the fact, muscles weight more than muscles is misunderstood - he mentions it, but is hiding it behind the big headline.
Muscles wight more than fat! Of course, 5kg of both weights the same - in about 5kg;-) Maybe he's right, saying most refer to this, though when I talk to people about this, nobody compares kg with kg or pound with pound. I think, it's because he is talking about weight in general, then he is right again:
If I lose 1kg fat and gain 1kg muscles, my scale doesn't show any differences. This is the reason, people are told not only to look at the scale, but measure their body: Sizes of hips, waist, chest...

Info: Density of muscles: ~1,05g/cm³, density of fat: 0.94g/cm³

Let's say I have 1 litre of both and put it on a scale, muscles weight more. Just saying it, to avoid misunderstandings for further discussions;-)


If I want to lose 1kg of fat, I have to burn 7,000kcal more than I eat. This is the main reason, people don't lose fat (body weight). They still eat too much (oh, I did 30min of walking today, now I need a big happy meal)

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Apr 21, 2015 1:50am
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Muscle weighs more than fat per volume, yes, but this fact is often used to explain away the lack of change in weight loss, and he explains how that is wrong. If fat loss is your goal, you should definitely be losing fat weight at a faster rate than anyone can pack on muscle weight, so if you're not losing weight, you're 'doing something wrong.'

24 Apr
I was 255 pounds for my 21st birthday. Afterwards i hit a depression and was working out to fight out of it. I basically lived on vitamins, protein and like nutty snacks. Did it for about a 3 months. Then for thr rest of the 9 months depression sat in. Wasnt eating anything at all. Just water and my daily vitamin. I would consume like 1500 calories a week. All i would do is sleep school and smoke cigarettes. If i went out and drank and ate alot of junk i would gain pounds (4-9) sometimes but would lose it...
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Apr 21, 2015 3:18am
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I used to have the same problem before. As much as i would watch my food intake i didnt lose weight i gain more. Then eventually realized that i was building muscles fast i just changed my workout plan to a longer cardio then abit of toning..

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Apr 24, 2015 4:20pm

Yup if your doing the work positive things will happen muscle can be good.  I pay attention to my workouts as too much muscle and toning will make my muscles pop like crazy.  (I actually naturally make to much testosterone. I had it checked out. which is great for building muscle but if your a lady you might not want that. I like a toned look but not too bulky. I focus on a sort of all over approach.)

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Apr 24, 2015 7:56pm
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The best way shown to lose weight isn't just from calories consumed < calories burned. Cardiovascular work is a great way to lose weight and the longer the run the more weight you are taking off. Working out in a gym with weights is going to put on more muscle than it is going to tone. More cardio = more weight lost.

25 Apr
Haha but exercise is totally on the "calories burned" side of the basic "calories consumed &lt; calories burned" formula for weight loss.

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