My weight loss goals

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Apr 23, 2015 3:14pm
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My goal is to loose 30 pounds by end of july. I've been exercising 4-6 days each week. I've been mostly weight training. And some days cardio for 30 minutes. I wonder if I do more cardio will I get better results . Any advice or encourgment

23 Apr
Stay focused write your goals down and view them everyday for motivational. Be of good cheer courage and charity charity being the most important one meaning do every thing from your heart.
23 Apr
Change ur diet results will come faster eat clean I worked out like crazy in high school but ate anything and everything never noticed a huge difference now after two kids I look better than back then but my diet changed alot. And do more cardio girly btw ur very pretty.
24 Apr
Just download my fitness pal hun. Record your aims&lifestyle there then let the app draw your calorie limit. Record what u eat and if you pass your limit come here and do some workouts until u spend all calories over limit. Scientific rule. Spend more than u take.. thats all