Better option for weight loss?

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Apr 29, 2015 12:38am
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Which is better for weight loss-running , walking,jogging or cycling?

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Apr 29, 2015 2:32am
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The best exercise for weight loss is the one you keep doing.

Running burns more calories per minute than walking, but running is painful & we find excuses to avoid pain...

Running burns more calories per minute, but most people can walk for way more minutes than they can run...

I like to mix them all up. At a gym with the right equipment that's really easy and doesn't get boring when I switch cardio every five or ten minutes.

29 Apr
But don't some gym workouts build muscles on the fat layer ?
29 Apr
Not really sure what you mean... Muscles can be built up UNDER the fat layer, if you're exercising (weight/resistance training ) & eating for gains... but any of those cardio options you mentioned aren't going to build much muscle but they will burn fat.
29 Apr
My main goal is to burn fat but if we want to build muscle do we need a small amount of body fat?
29 Apr
Well if you want to LIVE you need a small amount of body fat... But I'm sure you're not going to get that low. So, don't worry about that. Go ahead & do fat burning exercises. Be sure to monitor your caloric intake, though, since losing fat is way more likely from dietary changes than just exercise alone.
29 Apr
And as for building muscle, don't worry, you'll be able to do that even if you lose some fat first.