Temptation. Sometimes I can resist...

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May 14, 2015 2:14am
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...but usually the universe seems to know exactly when to hit me.

I skipped breakfast today with the idea of a sort of 'intermittent fasting' thing(look it up!), to try to make up for a few extra calories consumed the past two days. I got my lunch veggies all chopped and packed in containers, my canned salmon waiting for me at work.

Fate intervened and a coworker returned from vacation and brought in the traditional "sorry for leaving you all to do extra work" goodies: mini-chocolate-chip-muffins, variety gourmet Korean rice cake (ddeok), and fresh cherries. They were all so delicious, and since I skipped breakfast I'm only at quadruple my usual morning calories.

Today is weights day at the gym and since I have no idea how many calories that burns I like to imagine it's a lot, but my stubborn, unchanging body-weight says not quite as many as I would hope.

That's it. That's the post.

14 May
14 May
Lol hey! It happens.
14 May
You're human, it happens! Be proud that you're back in the gym working up a sweat again, that's what matters!!
16 May
It does happen sometimes it's ok :-)
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May 14, 2015 12:47pm
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honestly, i have tried restricting myself from 'bad foods'. but sometimes, bad food is actually good for us

what i mean is, i look at this as a lifestyle change. you are not going to be spending your whole life eating super clean. so if you have ate clean for a few days, have a lil baby muffin, or you eat that rice cake and enjoy it instead of feeling guilty! that's what this whole journey is about, loving your body instead of shaming it or feeling guilty. you should be able to enjoy everything that happens.

so go ahead, indulge sometimes. try not to feel guilty. because if you restrict yourself all the time, i find i break and just binge eat all the bad things in the house, which is a no no. weight loss is crazy, and its not just a straight down hill journey.