Everything you think you know about dieting...

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May 20, 2015 2:51am
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... is wrong?

Check out this fascinating article about weight gain and gut bacteria:


Im not one hundred percent convinced, as I'm still using myfitnesspal and encouraging others to do so, but I have been trying even harder to maintain a diet more friendly to gut bacteria.

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May 20, 2015 3:54pm

It's interesting and might have some truth. Though I also think, this is as one-sided as every other idea, like genetics, only counting calories and every kind of diet there is.

Of course it's more than just counting calories. Some are good "food metabolism", some are bad (ectomorph, endomorph), some nutrition helps burning fat, some are just giving more hunger etc.

It can be a disfunction of your body (eg thyroid), medicin and many more reasons why we gain or lose weight.

Here, in skimble, we're talking about basics: You want to lose weight? Eat less (better: the right stuff) and work, build muscles, burn fat, increase your metabolism. I would say, this works fro 90-95% of all members here. Counting calories is not necessary! But it's a good way for many to get an idea of how much they are eating and to get a feeling for food.


21 May
It's a nice coincidence that beneficial gut bacteria thrive on the sort of diet we would consider healthy anyway. It's genuinely difficult to eat too many calories if your main food source is fruits and vegetables. Common sense still prevails, for whatever reasons we keep finding to back it up.
21 May
A lot of good bacteria live in our gut and stomach. We can destroy them by ating bad food or feed them with good food. This is well known today.And I agree, if we go back to eat healthy, eating clean and natural food instead of processed food + moving more, we wouldn't have so many overweighted and ill people.
21 May
Yeah the article even mentioned that exercise helps beneficial bacteria! Eat more whole foods and exercise! It totally matches up with what I try to do anyway