Ab day? Leg day?

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May 28, 2015 8:12pm
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Since I started going to the gym I began following a lot of fitness accts to learn more about fitness and I kinda get the gist of what those terms mean but need a little more insight. Also how long should a person work on their problem areas. Like for instance I go to the gym five days a week and spend at most an hr in the gym after work. I start of doing cardio and began working on my abs which is my problem area. I had a C-Section a few years ago but never got around to seriously working out til now but I also want to tone up and gain some muscle. Can anyone help?
28 May
To really tone your abs, you need to be under a certain b.f. go to your doctor and ask them to do a b.f. test to see muscle % and fat %,try intense cardio days, HIITs, maybe even try lifting weights. Don't try ro focus only on one problematic area. Try the whole body, cause some workouts use your core. Drink loads of water too, and maybe try to go on a diet. So try cardio, HIITs, lifting weights, maybe even yoga and drink loads of water. Hoped this helped out.
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May 30, 2015 12:53am
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It's really really important that you work different set of muscles throughout the week. Working abs everyday it's a bad choice. Get a plan or at least define days, for example: Monday, leg day(and a bit of core);
Thursday core day;
Wednesday rest
Thursday arm day,
Friday cardio
Saturday rest
Sunday full body workout low weights, many reps.
This list is not ordered right but it's up to you to order it as it suits best for you. It's utterly important to give the muscles you trained rest by training other muscles the next day ;)