Procrastination is the Killer!!!

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Jun 2, 2015 3:13am
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I was a big procrastinator :(... I always thought that there is a second chance or there is always time to do anything later!! This self - killer motivation kept me going on....days passed, months passed, then years passed...the result..I am 92 kilos now...I was 75 back then. A day came when I realised that there is no time for me to do anything..due to fatigue I was always lack of energy, kept eating more carbs due to craving...!!! So over all there was no control over myself.
I came across this wonderful app..skimble..and went through the forum and realised that I am not the only one going through the trauma ....they have passed thru this phase of life and achieved "impossible".... I have to thank so many people(whom I have liked) to have motivated me...still there are so many people... Now that I have subscribed for PRO workouts...I have made a commitment to myself that I will not miss out my workout.."No matter what..." My aim is to reduce by 25-30lbs over 3-6 months...I hope I will get enough motivation thru all the serious skimble members!!! Today I finished - 8-pack Swimmer Abs

02 Jun
Anybody going through the phase I was in?? Share with me...we can help each other to achieve new heights!!
02 Jun
Absolutely! I'm still on phase 1. So many excuses, and I just fall behind and procrastinate more. I rescheduled my program, so hopefully tonight I'll commence a little further. Thanks for sharing!
02 Jun
That's awesome...!!! Hope to keep the tempo on...!!