What's a mass gainer for?

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Jul 26, 2015 12:13pm
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I've been talking a lot to this girl i know she has an awesome body she's thick and fit. Anyway we were talking about my squatting since i told her i wanted ny lower body to get bigger and she told me that she took a mass gainer and it has helped her get her body the way it is. She recommended me to take some as well and i got excited i mean who doesn't want a big booty and thick thighs? I'm just worried won't that make me gain weight? Can i get fat? Her drinks are 1,500 cals a serving and she has two a day. I'm still running and every other day i lift weights some days heavier than the others. I would like some help from someone who has taken this mass gainer /protein shakes mess.

26 Jul
Yes, mass gainers can make u fat if not used properly. I'd suggest to have a whey protein shake and eating healthy carbs like oats, rice etc to increase the mass while staying lean.
26 Jul
Really? Thank you i hadn't heard about good carbs
26 Jul
Good carbs are slow digesting carbs. You can have oats, brown rice, sweet potato and stuff for good carbs.
26 Jul
These are high in calories and more for if you want to put on weight. If you look on bodybuilding. Com it will tell you everything about it .xx:-)