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Aug 3, 2015 9:00pm
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I don't want to lose weight I want to tone. I've got a flabby lower stomach and I want to tighten it. Any ideas on how? My husband is out of town for 3 weeks and I want to surprise him. Help

04 Aug
Start by moving - rule #1. Find or search for intense Ab or Core workouts here on Skimble. Only follow those who you feel so workouts that will motivate you to try the same workouts. Planks and high intensity core workouts will get your core sore and in shape. Eat lean and workout your core everyday. Good luck! ;)
05 Aug
Try hanging leg raises on a pull up bar. I'd like to think it'll tighten up ur whole upper body as well as midsection. Also using multiple intensities involving all midsection exercises. Meaning you're taking your sets to failure with high, moderate, and lower levels of resistance—works all the muscle fibers of your midsection. Naw mean?! I respect u wanting to look good for ya man tho! I thought reverse chivalry was dead?! Lol
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Aug 4, 2015 12:25am
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This is going to suck, but you're going to have to run, and really sweat, take in less calories than your burning, and work your core until it is too painful to laugh. The main thing for the lower tummy is eating right, then cardio sweat, then core exercises. You can do it, but forget the housework lol!