a little help for gains

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Aug 10, 2015 1:59am
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hi guys,

well in these past 3 weeks I've lost 18lbs and I'm not so happy i was at 140 and felt great my legs were pretty thick thing is they are looking thinner and i don't like it they are still muscular but they look thin i understand that with weights you're supposed to gain a few lbs of muscle but why am i going down this fast? I'm a little worried my ckothes is bigger like too big i have very few pieces that fit properly i kind of want to gain 5 lbs but of muscle how can i do this? im still weight training heavier i must admit my deadlift at 105 and squat at 90 and i run a mile everyday if not every other my diet has changed more i get hungry constantly but i eat often but small amounts usually beans help me feel like i get the best out of how much my stomach can hold. please guys i need help my partner is teasing me calling me a sweaty rib I've been sweating like crazy it's frustrating I'm stressing over this issue i am not taking any dietary supplements at all so yes any tip would b good