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Aug 27, 2015 7:51pm
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So I have gained a lot of weight I am 5'0 and weight 142lbs I want to get around 100-110 and have a flat tummy again. I look pregnant but I am not . I had a child years ago and now he's 4 :) I am wondering what workouts would be best and what to cut out of my diet. I eat a lot a lot a lot of junk food like sweets ans chips and carbs .and soda .this is what I look like now.
27 Aug
Are you actively doing anything right now?
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Aug 27, 2015 8:09pm
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Well first of all, quit with the sweets, junk food and soda. Figure out which healthy foods you like and eat those more. Tell yourself you will not eat unless you are actually hungry.
Then.... Figure out a workout plan. Write down your goals and set a realistic time frame for yourself.
Go from there.

Also, you may want to check out the answers on your past 40 posts. You've been posting since 2012 but have only done 7 workouts. People can give you advice all day/night long but it is up to YOU to follow through and make yourself get up and do.
Ask yourself these:
•Do I really want to lose this weight?
•Why do I want to lose weight?

27 Aug
I agree, great comment :)