Back fat workouts

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Sep 29, 2015 1:18am
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I really want to loose th fat around my back. What are some good back fat work outs?

29 Sep
Well, you can not spot reduce. Let me say that once more. You can't spot reduce. There are several things that contribute to back fat/ muffin top. 1) poor nutrition 2) inconsistent workouts 3) not working out with enough resistance "weights are too light" 4) you are not hitting it. Once you have checked all these and it's been a few months and still no progress with shredding that back fat you need to go on a caloric deficit. After that I would see a physician about a under active thyroid. But not until you are truly honest and committed...
29 Sep
Let me be more clear on no. 4. When I say you are not hitting it. I mean you need to workout for 30 mins with an elevated heart rate. Yes, Sweat your ass off. Hiit/Smit wo's do them and progress with them