Watermelon make u fat?

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Sep 30, 2015 3:25pm
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Can watermelon make me fat? Everyday i eat some around 4 full cups a day the rest of my food is healthy and water only. I researched online it said yes some sites said no. I'm still working out throughout the day with the weights and cardio. What other fruits should i avoid?i have a HUGE sweet tooth and fruit is the only thing i see as ok.

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Sep 30, 2015 6:17pm
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First and most important: fruits (and veggies) are good for you as they contain many vitamins, minerals and fibers and thus are essential for a healthy nutrition and much better than "chemical/industrial" supplements of those substances.

Some, e.g. bananas, also contain a good amount of carbs, that means sugar more or less. That's to be taken into consideration when keeping an eye on your overall calorie balance.

But: the amount of carbs is still low when you compare it to other food like bread, rice, noodles and stuff. That's why it's easier to lower your overall calorie intake and still feel full when you eat whatever fruits and veggies aside or in replacement of any dish.

The watermelon specifically has only 30 kcals per 100g with 6 grams sugar. It contains mostly water and is therefore a great "diet" food.

Considering only the calories  (as your body of course needs also proteins and fat to function well) you could easily eat 5 kgs of watermelon only over the day and still be on a calory deficit.

So: easy answer, no, watermelons will  definitely NOT make you fat!

Enjoy :-)

30 Sep
Thank you so much!!! I have four huge watermelons.