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Oct 19, 2015 4:07pm
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Opinions on the vegan diet out of interest

19 Oct
Vegan is sh*t
20 Oct
Counterpoint : vegan is good
20 Oct
Interested but afraid to not be able to get my proteins...
21 Oct
Personally I think vegan Is good if that's what lifestyle you choose. And you can get protein from all sorts of seeds and nuts etc, just make sure you get all your required vitamins and all that :-)
23 Oct
Check out mike Mahler. He's a vegan that deadlifts 500+ lbs. people can do anything But I have had two female friends that developed health issues from veganism. I wouldn't recommend for that reason. But people can pull it off.
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Oct 21, 2015 2:00pm
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Overall it's probably better for the environment & your health if you primarily focus on organic & local, rather than vegan. So many vegan options are available nowadays but they're so processed, packaged, &  transported that a lot of the benefits for the earth are counteracted.

I was vegan for like 5 years, after a couple years of vegetarian. If you do your research it's possible to get all the nutrition you need, but depending on why you want to go vegan, the cost & hassle of substitution is sometimes impractical.

If you go vegan & mostly stick to local organic whole fruits & veggies and nuts & grains, and avoid living on novelty substitution products like vegan bacon "fakin' bacon" (some indulging is necessary though) you can probably notice a lot of changes in your body & mind/mood, and avoid going broke (hopefully)

Don't be afraid to cheat just a little. Especially on a couple of not-necessarily-vegan supplements.

21 Oct
I disagree vegan lifestyle like any lifestyle there can be an unhealthy way over processed way and a healthier way. Just depends on how lazy you want to be. But an unhealthy vegan is alot better than a meat head who consumes the roting flesh of another being just for convenience and taste. Plat protein without the risk of heart attack boom
22 Oct
So... what is it that you disagree with
Nov 8, 2015 9:02pm
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Im a pescatarian which is a vegetarian who eats seafood that's where I get my protein from & im male 6"3 & over Google pescatarian & see if you like it...STL...

Nov 8, 2015 9:26pm
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Nov 20, 2015 3:45am
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I prefer to call it a "Plant Based Diet" as that's what it really is. 

If you truly want to have the conversation of being a vegan, a real Vegan does not even wear or use anything that has been produced from animals. Being a true Vegan can be intense, time consuming and takes more effort than other lifestyles but much more rewarding. And sorry to all the leather wearing vegans out there... You're not really a Vegan. 

I get all I need and more from a plant based diet. It has all the protein you need which is most people's fear and concern. 

If you have developed health issues from a Vegan "Plant Based Diet" it's more than likely because you just weren't doing it right. You must eat a variety of foods. Not just lettuce which all water. You must eat more than fruit which is just carbs and sugar. You must consume a large amount of leafy plants, beans and other "non-animal" protein sources. You must make sure you are getting enough B12, Vitamin A and D; along with many other nutrients just like you should do for any diet. It's takes A LOT of chewing and preparing but the result is beautiful in the mind, body and spirit. You will notice changes but it's not as easy as driving up to McDonalds or slapping a piece of carcinogenic red meat on a grill. 

You have to feel called for the "Plant Based Diet" or the Vegan lifestyle. It takes effort and heart. I recommend it to everyone. It's amazing and beautiful. People who have been on their death beds because of heart disease and other illnesses have turned their lives around from adapting this lifestyle. Men and woman with cancer have a greater chance of going into remission and remaining there!! There are serious athletes out there like boxers, bodybuilders, dancers and olympians who are fully Vegan and have acheived everything they were after physically. 

To continue with the health benefits;

Men with early prostate cancer or just signs of the numbers raising are completely capable of reversing all signs of prostate cancer on this diet. I recommend any and every man at the age of 40 or over to start taking a serious look at your colon and prostate. Make changes if you have family history or signs of colon cancer or prostate cancer. 

Rheumatoid arthritis, blood pressure, diabetes, Cardiovascular disease, obesity, anxiety, depression and even hypertension can all be control or healed with this lifestyle. 

As a woman on a vegan diet; you notice you won't "PMS," your cycle will regulate (if you're trying for a baby this is the way to go), your hair will shine differently, cellulite tends to fade and your nails will never look better. 

Allergies even go away. Those effected by asthma have less frequent attacks.

I have no complaints about a "Plant Based Diet" it's even better if you go raw. 

And yes, I hear the argument about the cost and so on but you can make anything work if you really want to and if you think you need to spend 8 dollars on a pack of fake bacon that I like to call "Fakon" or buy a 4 dollar cucumber from Wholefoods then this won't work for you. Find local farms, shop for Organics and shop around for the best prices and quality because YOU matter and that's really what the lifestyle is about. It shows you that you matter and so do the "F"ing animals you're chopping up and and inbreeding then consuming. 

Rant ended but could be continued... Have a great day! 

29 Nov
Thank you very interesting Vivienne!
27 Jan
Thank you so very much Vivienne. This topic has interested me yes ... I didn't see a notification to this during my break ... so thanks for the effort. Reading into it ...
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Nov 24, 2015 5:43pm
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We didn't become top of the food chain to eat plants.

25 Nov
Do you have any idea how many completely preventable *COMPLETELY PREVENTABLE* diseases people die from each year simply because of being "the top of the food chain?"
27 Nov
There's no way to prove that Patrick All due respect. On a scientific level there is no way Philosophically you can make an argument but there are too many variables and no way to design any experiment to prove that red meat is the sole cause of any disease. Also then we could get into quality of meat etc. I think there are many ways to eat healthy and it depends on the person and what they believe etc. but no way you can make this claim
28 Nov
There are countless studies into this and to deny them all the way you are doing is... It seems dishonest and irresponsible. For the average person, eating meat drastically increases their risk of dying from something stupid like heart disease that is totally avoidable. This is science I'm talking about. Educated people repeatedly finding these things to be VERY PROBABLY true. Your argument seems like the equivalent of saying "well you can't PROVE the sky is blue"... Like, you're technically right, but, well it's kind of ridiculous.
28 Nov
Sorry if that came across too strongly, no disrespect meant. Cuz, in a way you're right. But the average person, the average meat eater who simply is reluctant, like we all are, to alter their comfortable way of life, & who says trite things like "didn't get to the top of the food chain to eat salad" while eating a burger, those people don't need to hear that it's *not 100% definitely* the meat that's killing them, that it could be hormones or the meat industry processing or any number of variables, when the simple fact is, for whatever reason,...
28 Nov
Hey I agree with your other comments and work hard to buy local organic food and I believe that is the right way etc. I also think that if you do thAt with the meat that you consume you are doing your body and community good. I guess I just wanted to put another perspective in the mix since your initial comment I thought was not totally accurate
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Nov 28, 2015 3:19am
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What's comical about this whole thread is there is plenty of "proof" and studies done over the last 100 years. To prove my point here's a great study:  

28 Nov
I am not dismissing vegetarian or vegan diets and i understand and agree that these foods are essential for health in the Long and short term. I just feel the need to point out that solid arguments can be made on either side and to proclaim that there is a one size fits all disease free lifestyle is comical to me. Eating grassfed local meat and eggs is healthy in my view and these foods are full of vitamins and minerals. I think just the fact that everyone on this thread seems to have a passion and awareness about diet...
21 Jun
Lol the China study. There is alot of proof of the benefits of a plant based diet but pls don't use the China study.
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Jun 18, 2016 4:57pm
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Jul 6, 2016 11:31pm
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Hello Jodie. What are you wanting to know as far as vegan?

I'm a plant-based Pt that does transitioning coaching and fitness packages if you're interested.

07 Jul
Hello there :-) I'm honestly just interested in the topic... I have heard it's good for the environment and that we don't actually NEED meat and it also contributes to disease.. personally I never loved meat so I decided to quit it... I do however still eat chicken and fish /sushi... right now... I'm not too concerned but def eat more fruit n veg ect:-)
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Jul 8, 2016 9:44pm
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I'm not so sure it's always better for the environment. And it also doesn't have to be more healthy for you Haha. Nutrition is bad for generalisations, the details always matter. But yes it can be both neither aswell.

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Jul 9, 2016 9:37am
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Jul 17, 2016 4:55am
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Aug 2, 2016 11:09pm
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Create your own diet,  it's as simple as that.


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