Body in fright or flight mode!

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Dec 6, 2015 9:43pm
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I am a single mom that struggles with life in general but lately even though I am heading in a lifes goal direction. I am in fright or flight mode with my bosy and can't seem to get out of it. I have zero motivation to get up in the morning to workout and exhausted when I get home. I am looking into EFT tapping to release stress but after a week of trying I still feel numb to working out and gaining weight fast. Words of wisdom anyone?

06 Dec
Zero motivation why? Look at you un the mirror, if you want to change something GO and get it. You can do it!
06 Dec
That's what I do
06 Dec
Start by giving 10 minutes of just you to yourself with no exercise but meditation. Stay blessed.
06 Dec
what Tafseer said.
07 Dec
You need a challenge
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Dec 7, 2015 3:58am
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Start simple.  Try a lunch time walk or even some simple yoga on the evenings.   Don't try and do too much, just set a daily time and stick to it.   
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Dec 8, 2015 11:08pm

I like Peter's and Tafseer's comments about starting simple, incorporating relaxation and staying mindful. Whether that's yoga, prayer, or just quiet meditation, whatever works for you.  

I would add, try to find something that's fun to do for exercise, something that is challenging but attainable and that you'll look forward to doing, something that it won't matter if you can't do every step perfectly. For me, it's a 'bellyfit' class at the local community centre - eastern-style cardio dance with a yoga/pilates section at the end. Fun music, fun people, enough variety and challenge in the dance to keep your mind engaged. You might prefer something different, like a sport you enjoyed in high school, or running, or just dancing around the living room pretending to be a dinosaur with your kiddo(s). Just something active that's also fun to do. Once you've got a rhythm going, can start to feel like your body can be enjoyable again, then branch out into something more goal-focussed or more challenging, etc. But just from reading your post it sounds like it might help, before you start going too hard-core with the calisthenics, to just get in touch with enjoying your body again.

I know that it was hard for me when I first got started with trying to get fit because I was so used to seeing my body as the enemy, this useless lump I carry around that never does what I want it to, never has any energy, does this stupid female thing every month and just drags me down. One of the best things I've felt these past four months or so, beyond the weight I've lost (and I still have lots to go), is starting to feel again like my body is *me*, not some separate ball and chain I drag around, and that it can be not just useful, but also joyful.

Hope that helps a little! Hang in there!