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Dec 30, 2015 9:17pm
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Ok so I don't have lots of money to spend all the time on groceries but I wanted to know if anyone has tips on that and things to help for when I have to go out to eat or recipes (especially recipes lol) and tips for snacks that I can bring on the go to competitions!

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Dec 30, 2015 9:31pm
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Grocery shopping to eat well is a good bit about budgeting, planning ahead, and understanding nutrient density. Shop the sales and stock up on frozen and canned items when possible so you will have more to spend on the fresh stuff.

I am a fan of boiling eggs for breakfast (usually paired with avocado toast) and eating a heavier lunch than dinner. I make ham stew a lot, which is a tomato based vegatable soup with ham in it (I may also add spelt, lentils, brown rice, etc depending on what I have). Black beans as a sandwich spread, paired with rice, or served with eggs is also pretty standard at my place.  Rice and beans travels pretty well if you have good tupperware. I spurge on fish at a local fish market sometimes (cheaper AND fresher) but often purchase a whole chicken that I will break down into quarters (cheaper than buying just breasts). I like baking the skinless chicken in chipotle salsa.

I work in a grocery store so sometimes I grab a bag of broccoli and carrots for lunch with some low sodium chicken breast, sliced in the deli. It is pretty filling.

Your exact diet choices will depend on what your nutritional needs are and what your goals are. I am trying to lose weight in a slow healthy way, while maintaining enough energy for my somewhat demanding on my feet job so I might choose foods you wouldnt.

Does that help?

30 Dec
Yes thank you so much!
30 Dec
You are very welcome!