Can I burn fat from my tummy but keep muscle ?

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Feb 21, 2016 5:30pm
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Ok so I gained alot of muscle weight apparently but like I feel as if I haven't lost alot of fat weight either. Mainly fat from my tummy and waist (like the area over the hips on the sides of my back ) . So I started to include more cardio in my weekly workout routines but then I started to notice that my butt started to shrink from it and I didn't want that to happen at all! Can anyone please help me find a way to burn the fat off my stomach and waist yet maintain the muscle in my butt and legs and etc?

21 Feb
Well that didn't work. Basically covered proper nutrition, sleep, hydration, building muscle which you have and the one point you discovered is that cardio will reduce your muscle. Hiit should cover that issue. I battle that problem myself, but that's because ice cream is my kriptonite.
22 Feb
I'd say at your fitness level you should choose one or the other. Bulk or cut. And commit to it. Also you can't spot reduce fat unless you have plastic surgery. Fat will be burned from where your body decides it doesn't need fat.
22 Feb
I believe fat loss is strongly amplified by a change in dietary choices. Try paleolithic dieting and various core exercises. I created a workout that could help you. You should check it out if you can.
24 Feb
For me it's been lifting heavy weights and eating lots of protein. Cardio is good for keeping your heart strong, not so much the fat loss/strong muscles. But fat only comes off where it wants to come from. You can't spot reduce where you want. Lose fat. It will eventually decide to come from the abdomen region.