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Feb 26, 2016 5:22pm
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I became a distributor for omnilife last year. I didn't really sell any products though. I've used one to help with clarity which helped my depression and anxiety a ton. I took one called power gain for my leg pain and it took it away... Not permanently because unfortunatelly its cause by baby on nerves and being overweight. I've recently decided to really try to start it going though because as a stay at home mom any income helps! I saw they had products for diabetes which also helped aid people in Weight loss. I just received a coffee called cafezzino and will be trying it. Its sweetened with stevia and is green coffee beans. Its only 10 mg of caffeine each serving which is less than my regular coffee so it'll be safe during pregnancy. All the products are literally just vitamins and minerals. The ingredients are less crazy than what you find one processed food! I'll post my progress!

29 Feb
Haven't went to doctor yet but thinking about buying scale to keep track! Long as I stay same I'll be happy because I was gaining before!