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Mar 2, 2016 1:32am
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I really want to lose weight! By summer. Maybe 30 pounds , I don't workout everyday but I should , I'm not sure if my scales right because it says 140 and people 170 look way skinnier anyways I would like to know the faster ways to lose weight and what workouts I should do..
02 Mar
Honestly there isn't. Get all the supplements like bcaa and protein. Do meal replacements and eat healthy. You need more protein in the morning. Move around all day. I do squats in the bathroom at work. Go for walks.
02 Mar
Do cardiovascular and circuit training. Walking always helps me lose weight. You also need to do different planks to build muscle in your tummy area. And lift weights too. They help burn fat.
11 Apr
there are short cut ....hard work ,discipline ,focus fitnes is a life style ,which means it has been your habit .full stop,is not a summer all year round
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Mar 2, 2016 2:30pm
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To lose weight fast you've gotta make changes. Permanent ones. I lost 50 in 3 months when I was 16... I can not lose 10 now. A big part is choices. I ate lota of fruits and veggies. I exercised 30 min to hour. Before breakfast. Then ate small but nutritous. Snacks were fruits and veggies. Lunch salad with couple crackers and meat. Dinner I had a salad. 20 minutes before and 10 minutes before grapefruit. Small dinner and night time snack air popped popcorn. I also did 100 jump n jacks twice a sometimes three times. Rode bike to. Gym because I lived in small town mostly jogged on treadmill for about 45 minutes ride bike back. Jogged with dog for ten minutes few times a week. I still mowed yard and worked on garden. I started at 200 though and weight comes off faster when you're bigger. I ended up stuck at 150 though. I also did my morning workout in light sometimes and arm weights at home at least every other day. You can do it just depends on time and effort you put forward. I honestly don't do much now. But 7 months pregnant and two kids I'm happy to get chores done lol. Keep going!

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Apr 11, 2016 9:51am


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Apr 21, 2016 11:56am

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