I want abs!

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Mar 17, 2016 1:39am
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Hey guys and girls, I'm currently a 17 year old. Today I started my new diet of Special K Red Berries Cereal for breakfast, Special K Protein Bar for lunch and then cereal again for dinner combined with a clear american cherry lemonade sparkling water drink with green tea. I am really strong for my size and weight. My max in bench is 265. But right now I'm trying to cut and get a six pack for the summer. I just cannot burn this fat on my stomach and I do not know why. Anybody help!!!

17 Mar
Probably because the added sugar in a diet of processed Cereals and bars is ridiculous.
18 Mar
Good call Patrick. Stop eating that crap food Skyler. That will help.
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Mar 19, 2016 12:23am
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Then what would be the best thing to eat?

19 Mar
I would suggest: keep eating the special K cereal for breakfast and the granola bar for lunch, but you should probably eat something with more protein for supper. I would suggest meat with some sort of vegetable. Also, do a lot of core workouts; if you hurt the next day, then you did a good job. That's what I've been doing and I have abs, so obviously I'm doing something right. Hope this helped!
19 Mar
Thank you so much
19 Mar
Yup your welcome!!! ;P
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Mar 19, 2016 4:13am
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Eating no vegetables or fruits is a bad idea. They should be at least half of your diet.

Plain unsweetened oatmeal for breakfast. With fruit & nuts added for flavor. I like pumpkin seeds & peanuts, with diced apples, or raisins, or prunes, or for a real treat I blend a banana in some almond milk and soak the oatmeal in that overnight. I'll add some plain cornflakes for fun but not much and not every day.
Fiber is very important. Oatmeal also has some protein, & no added sugars or anything. The instant oats are just as good as slow cook style.

For protein I use 2tbsp each plain pea protein and plain brown rice protein with one tablespoon of flavored whey based shake mix for flavor. Maximize protein while minimizing added flavors and sugars.  You can find what you like, protein shakes come in all varieties.
Also canned tuna & salmon, chicken, seitan. Less red meats. Eggs, but when I am using eggs for a lot of protein I often will discard some of the yolks since they contain so many fat calories it will throw my macros off.
Beans and rice are a good base for a meal.


A simple veggie omelet, simple veggie stir fry, cleaned & chopped fresh Veggies in containers in the fridge ready to eat or cook. Take em with you to work or school.


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