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Mar 20, 2016 5:50am
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I always go up and down with my weight I can never stick to it..wanting to loose as much weight as possible until December. Anyone have anything tricks to motivating yourself. I always find myself saying oh I'll start tomorrow..any food ideas. I weighed 242 now I'm 230 looking to get down to around 160. NEEDING MOTIVATION AND TIPS. Thank you in advance

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Mar 20, 2016 7:40am
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Hi Lexie! 

My weight used to Yoyo up and down as well. I find that instant changes in diets are effective in the short term but results in that Yoyo effect because our body starts craving the sugary, salty, unhealthy snacks after a while and we go back to that. At least that was how it was like for me. 

I eat healthyish most of the time time (not even overly healthy - but just a wide variety of greens, whole grains, protein (chicken, fish) and fats) and treat myself occasionally with that muffin or cupcake or even a bag of potato crisps.

I started off with just going for gym classes. Just to see what type of exercises I enjoyed and what types just aren't for me. Once you know yourself, you can stick to that or start going to the gym or body weight exercises at home! :) 

Oh to form a habit, I dragged myself out of bed the first 2 weeks to head to the gym before work/school (cos you know when we come back and we're tired there's no stopping us from lying on the couch) and now it's sort of a habit! Even if I'm too tired or injured, I'll ise the morning for sun salutations or just a quick stretch.

The main thing is to find a way that you enjoy and is sustainable for you. Also loads of water!! 

I hope this kinda helps you and motivates you to keep going!!