Good Cardio Workouts with a Busted Knee

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Apr 13, 2016 6:16am
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I'm trying to figure out some good cardio workouts I can do with a bad knee. About 10 years ago I shattered the top of my tibia and chipped off a piece of my femur. I had 8 pins and a titanium plate put it but it's deteriorated other the years and now the lower half of my leg bends outward. I'm planning on having a knee replacement at the end of next winter so the rehab will be when there is no snow or ice. Until then I'm looking to lose weight since I've been gaining in the past few years as my knee has gotten worse and it will also make the rehab after the surgery easier if I'm not overweight. I used to run everyday which kept me in shape but that obviously isn't a great option now.

Anyway, any cardio workout tips that don't really involve the knees would be greatly appreciated!

14 Apr
How does biking or swimming work for you? What about HIIT classes where you do modified exercises ?
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Apr 13, 2016 6:51am
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Steps- ups, elliptical, stationery bicycle with the seat raised, and almost all aqua cardio should be possible for you to continue improving cardio ... hope it helps