Trying to lose 30 pounds...

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Apr 22, 2016 12:29am
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Help melting weight out. I have tried everything with no success. I have a gym membership and I used to go every day and with no success I QUIT . Now I want to start from 0 and get this body firm and tight again . Any help around here?

22 Apr
Clean eating is 80% of the battle. Also it's definitely mind over matter! The gym is only rely helpful if you're doing classes. Weights are great if you're performing the right moves with correct form. If not you're just tiring yourself out without getting much results.
22 Apr
Thanks for replying, I eat clean. Organic and lean food. No big portions but i don't eat much. I only eat 1 or 2 times a day.
22 Apr
do light workouts for longer duration
22 Apr
Good Evening Liza, First, I think that you've made a pretty wise choice becoming a Skimble member simply for the reason of an actively responsive community based approach that Skimble uses. For your weight loss goal, I'd like to dive deeper into why you've chosen this as a goal and what's motivating you? When you were in the gym what exercises did you attempt? Did you ever work with a trainer or did you enjoy the solo experience more? When you eat clean, what does clean consist of and what is your consistency? Daily schedule fluctuations? Very curious and happy...
30 Apr
Hiya Lisa , hope you're well . I think maybe you're not eating enough 1-2 meals a day isn't much and that could be slowing your metabolism down . What was your routine when you went to the gym ?
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Apr 25, 2016 5:31am
via iOS
Good luck!!! I know how tough it can be to get motivated but I can honestly say I love this app! I hope it helps and if you need a motivation buddy I'm here!!!
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Apr 28, 2016 3:17am
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good luck! we all know how tough it is

have you tried HIIT workouts? they are my personal favourite and i notice extreme results in as little as two weeks to a month!

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