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Mar 22, 2017 5:10pm
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Hi can anyone recommend a workout i can do to lose belly fat. I'm a teen. Please help.😓

23 Mar
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Mar 23, 2017 5:54pm
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First, the bad news.

"Losing belly fat" is a fitness myth.

Any trainer or program or product that claims to be able to make you lose belly fat is basically lying to get your money or clicks or whatnot.

Now the good news:
Having some belly fat is normal and healthy.

The pictures you see of fitness models with flat bellies and defined abs are of people who are paid very well to maintain an unhealthy percentage of fat to make the rest of us feel like crap so we pay billions of dollars a year to try and feel better.

If you're a teen who is still growing, you should not worry about getting your body fat percentage down so low, it can have lasting effects on your development. Eat good food and exercise, sure, but do not focus on dropping your fat down to single digits.

There is no way to choose where your body loses fat. Doing crunches doesn't burn fat off your middle just like doing curls doesn't burn fat off your biceps. The body burns fat all over and usually works its way from the extremities in, so the belly is the last to go.

Therefore, the way to burn belly fat is the same way to burn any fat except you just have to keep going until the effects reach the belly.

The way to burn any fat is to burn more calories than you eat.

You can do this through eating a bit less, exercising a bit more, or usually both.

Exercises like crunches are largely ineffective for losing fat. Bigger exercises like squats and push-ups, which use more muscles, and of course cardio is usually way better for burning calories.

Your best results are not going to come from exercise. You will see quicker results from eating more vegetables and drinking more water, and cutting way down on sugar, processed food, and sweetened beverages.

Stay healthy! Try to rise above the tricks the industry plays to make you feel bad about your body. It's all a scam!

Exercise and eating healthy are great, but normal people worrying about their belly fat is exactly what the million dollar marketing departments want so they can sell you more crap.

Good luck!

31 Mar
Superb answer !!!
24 Apr
thank u
30 May
YES YES AND YES!!!! We neeed more people like you here!!!! Lol!!!!


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