How to workout without losing the fat you want to keep?

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Feb 9, 2013 7:39am
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Everytime I try to get to a lower weight the only place I seem to lose fat in is my breasts. Does anyone know how to prevent or avoid this? Or does anyone know what causes this to happen?

09 Feb
Breast tissue is fat ..its as simple as u burned it some of our bodies tend to let that go first! Trust me I know ..why wont my gut vanish? Idk ...
09 Feb
When working out to lose fat especially through cardio its almost impossible to predict where it will burn the fat from since fat is pretty much everywhere in the body. My suggestion instead of just trying to lose weight try weight training to tighten your muscles. Its easier to concentrate on a single place of muscle than it is fat. You might not weight less but you will look like you did and more fit. Hope this helps