Working Out and Dieting From Home.

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Feb 20, 2013 6:29am
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I've seen a lot of people looking for motivation to go to the gym or diet. Well, I think some people use "I can't go to the gym", "I don't have the money", or "I don't have the time" as an excuse. Quite honestly, you don't need a gym, money, a lot of time, or even a car to workout, get healthy, and lose weight. All you need to do is make different choices.

I'm twenty years old. I live at home. I don't have a car or job. Before you call me lazy, I help my single mother out with my little brothers keeping the house clean, babysitting, and maintaining the household while she works to support us all. I have no control over groceries, leaving the house, or money. Even though I could have used all that as an excuse, I still found a way to lose 25lbs in four months.

1. I started drinking more water: no investment.
2. I started eating breakfast: no investment (other than price of groceries).
3. I quit eating after 8pm: no investment.
4. I started doing two workouts called Full Body & Cardio and P90x: Ab Ripper X: no investment (other than an iPod I got as a gift and Internet, but you don't have to have Internet to use this app once the workout is downloaded.)
5. My mom makes dinner every night, so instead of rejecting dinner, I ate a smaller portion: no investment.
6. I do two walking workouts, Walking For Sixty Minutes and Walking For Thirty Minutes, while watching TV and pacing back and forth in the house. Sometimes I walk circles around the backyard: no investment.
7. Instead half-assing chores, I put more effort into it; I got moving around, scrubbing, dusting, washing, all by hand: no investment and a cleaner house.
8. I used objects around the house to lift weights such as a gallon jug full of water or cans: no investment (other than buying groceries).
9. If you have kids or siblings, pick them up, carry them around or go play: no investment and it helps both of you.
10. Download MyFitnessPal, become aware of what you eat, and set a healthy calorie goal. If you don't have a way to get the app, find out your proper calorie intake and count by hand. You don't have to torture yourself with crazy diets, just become aware of what you eat, even if it's on a cheap budget: no investment (other than buying groceries).

So here you go, everyone. 10 excuse removers to give you motivation. I did it without any investment and I have a bikini ready body. You can do it too. Good luck! (:
20 Feb
This is actually very motivating. Thank you :)
20 Feb
U R SUCH A LIFE SAVER!! I love u!!! But wht the foods u see pics of and just wanna go grab some and EAT!!
20 Feb
There honestly is no excuse. I work out in my living room everyday. I would second your recommendation of using a home workout on a dvd or the internet to get started. It is what got me interested in working out, then subsequently my diet and nutrition. Once you get behind a few life changes, you start to get motivated and begin changing your whole life"style". Start small (cut out pop, limit gluten and meat) and see what happens from there :) Congratulations on your life changes that you have made.
20 Feb
Great motivation
24 Feb
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Feb 20, 2013 7:40pm
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Wow you just motivated me more and im in the same situation like you, for now im trying my best and thanks for sharing this with us all.

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Feb 23, 2013 4:14am
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Well said. You've given me that extra push I needed to get it done. Thanks much!!!!
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Feb 23, 2013 6:18am
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