What do I do first ????

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Feb 24, 2013 8:16pm
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I'm really overweight. Should I lose all the weight first and then tone up or should I do cardio and follow it with a strength training workout? I just don't want to have saggy dropping skin after I lose my 100 pounds. What's the best way to lose weight and build muscle and tighten skin before it becomes a problem?
24 Feb
Do both at same time this allows u to best thing is to stretch first to.loosen up
24 Feb
Thanks :) should I do strength training on the area I just worked out? Or do it all over?
24 Feb
Work on the area you really want fit.but I would say work on your whole body not just one area cause you want too work on tone and fit eveything im sure you dont want to work on stomach and flabby arms so work on everything