Mom needing help.

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Feb 25, 2013 8:23pm
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Full time job and full time thick mom want to be a size 10 by summer and im a 15 now any tips please send them this way :-)!
Wanna be healthy and in shape for my 3 yr old...

25 Feb
I am in the same boat I have a 3yr old girl and it sucks when I get out of breath so quickly im starting a work out today after I finish cleaning follow me like that we can mottivate eachother #mompower#momworkoutsokidshave healthyparents
25 Feb
I have a babe too. Not working tho. Do small workouts all day. On break, while cooking dinner before bed. If you find tome to sit and enjoy a show workout during commercial breaks. Good luck
25 Feb
Thanks jazz motivation is the key
25 Feb
Just keep trying!! Girl even if you do a three minute workout each day it will show I promise seriously hit me up if ever u feel bad or have zero motivation!! Sometimes motivating others helps motivate yourself lol I know!! That's how I work hahaha xoxoxo
26 Feb
We walk at lunch and when it is raining we have a group of moms that go shopping for bulk fruits and veggies and then split them between us. It is all around helpful both for exercise, socializing, and eating healthy.
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Feb 25, 2013 8:37pm
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Im in the same thing. I might not look out of shape but i am, i get so out of breath sometimes which is why im trying to tone up and get used to it again. I am a mom of a 4 yr old daughter. Now that shes in school. I have time for me. Good luck ladies. Follow me, I'll help you stay on it, need any help you can msg me on kik my username is csal1391

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Feb 26, 2013 2:35am
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Start off simple go for walks during lunch or break take your kid for a walk they say 1000 steps a day will help