"Soft Fat" Anyone??

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Mar 2, 2013 8:56pm
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I'm gaining muscle/toning on my whole body, but not my stomach. My core has gotten softer, which I heard is "Soft Fat" which is apparently the leftover fat needed to burn before my stomach will be flat. Is This True?? If so... what are some good excercise to burn the fat quicker??

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Mar 3, 2013 4:51am

i am not sure maybe just search up the abbs exercies also what exercies are you doing for getting more tonned because i would be very interested and how long was it untill you started to see a change?

03 Mar
6 Minute Warmup Cardio, 25 Minutes To Full 50 Minutes On Zumba, 3 Minute Dance Fitness, Leg Workout 10:00 Minutes, Ab Workout 10:00, 5 Minute Ab Workout, 5 Minute Calves Excercise, 5 Minute Inner Thigh Workout. And it took me from beginning of Feb, i went from 119 to 110. I wasnt really fat, but overweight for my age..so I wanted to lose the extra weight. But I didnt notice until 5 days ago when my legs started to tone/gain muscle, and my arms started to curve and tone, and my fat has gotten softer.
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Mar 3, 2013 5:36am
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That's the worst area for me lol